High Vibrational Artwork To

Help You Attract
Abundance & Prosperity Into Your Life 

Abundance Canvas Print

This painting is specifically designed to bring high frequency energies of abundance, manifestation, fertility, and luck into your home. The goddess depicted in the painting is known in Celtic and Roman tradition as Rosmerta, “The Great Provider.” This powerful guide has chosen to channel in at this time to help usher in a new wave of abundance activations that assist us in attracting pleasure, security, beauty, and riches into all areas of our lives. Rosmerta is depicted holding a golden chalice to the heavens, collecting the energy of source creation, and as she transmutes this energy into form, a wealth of fruits, flowers, golden coins, and waters flow from her cornucopia of life, raining down a bountiful, rich harvest for all. She mirrors the natural process of manifestation and creation that we are all capable of, and reminds us that we have the power to draw from the limitless supply of energy available to us, and from it create pure magic in our lives. The symbols you see in the background are an ancient form of channeled writing called Light Language; these encoded frequencies carry the energetic imprint of perfect abundance and prosperity, and when channeled into physical form, these symbols have the power to hold their charge for a lifetime, bless and energize your home, and impact your energetic field & DNA structures (similar to the healing effects of a large crystal) to align with the vibratory pattern of Abundance. This print is much more than a stationary object- it is a direct connection to the goddess Rosmerta, a healing tool to use in awakening practices and energetic attunement, and a reminder of your own infinite potential. When you purchase a print of the Abundance painting, you will also receive a special, one-of-a-kind, found nowhere else meditation written and recorded together by Aaron Doughty and Dana Wilcher. This meditation is intended to be used in tandem with your painting; as you connect to your abundance print and bath in the frequencies of the artwork, you are invited to listen to the guided meditation and align your energy to that of your dream life from the inside out. Happy manifestations my friends, and welcome to the Light Code Art family! 



A high quality replication of your painting will be printed on Gallery Wrapped Canvas and stretched over a 3/4 Inch thick wood frame, with a wrap-around image mirrored on the sides of the canvas. Inks are water based and solvent-free, so rest assured there are no harsh chemicals used in your print. Your artwork will arrive ready to hang (no frames needed!) with hanging equipment included, and the print will have a semi-gloss finish for heightened vibrancy.

About The Collaborators

Dana Wilcher is an intuitive visionary artist who specializes in paintings encrypted with light code activations, and is a channel for high vibrational beings and energies seeking to assist the planet in our collective global ascension. She has evolved her artwork to serve as a conduit for spirit, helping to heal all those who are drawn to the awakening path.

"Dana’s art and paintings activate something inside of me that I can FEEL. Since buying her paintings I’ve felt more clarity, abundance and love within and every time I see her paintings in my house I feel that energy magnify. As a result I’ve experienced more synchronicity than ever before and that’s when I reached out to her to have her create amazing activating paintings for you. You’ll feel a difference from the moment you receive your painting and I can't wait to hear how they impact and activate your energy!"
- Aaron Doughty

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