Light Code Art: Spiritually Activating

High Vibrational Artwork To

Elevate You Into Your Dream Life

Divine Union Canvas Print

If you have been calling in the love of your life, then this Divine Union Channelled Light Code Painting will help you to vibrationally align with your soul mate and manifest them into your reality. When you bring this beautiful stretched canvas art print into your home/sacred space, you will be inviting in the frequencies of Divine Union and Soul Mate Connection. You will also receive a Guided Meditation to use while bathing in the energy of your Divine Union Light Code Painting, which will help you to become a vibrational match for soul mate love, thus manifesting your divine complement into your life. In having this piece of Light Code Art in your space, and connecting to the energy as a daily ritual, you will call in your Soul Mate in a quicker, more magical way than you ever thought would be possible!


Abundance Canvas Print

Dive into the life of your dreams with this Channelled Abundance Light Code Painting. When you place this beautiful piece of artwork in your home/sacred space, you will be inviting in Abundance frequencies on a daily basis! This piece of artwork is designed to assist you in manifesting greater levels of abundance in your life in the form of money, love, relationships, connections, and your life purpose. Paired with the included Guided meditation to listen to while you absorb the frequencies of the painting, you will craft a life aligned with your highest vision, and experience the fullness of your manifestations reflected in your reality. You will be BLOWN away at how quickly your life will begin to shift when you intentionally meditate with this piece of Light Code Art in your space!



A high quality replication of your chosen painting will be printed on Fine Art Canvas and stretched over a 3/4 Inch thick wood frame. Inks are water based and solvent-free, so rest assured there are no harsh chemicals used in your print. Your artwork will arrive ready to hang with back-wires attached, and a semi-gloss finish for highented vibrancy. Your painting will look and feel just like the original! 

About The Collaborators

Dana Wilcher is an intuitive visionary artist who specializes in paintings encrypted with light code activations, and is a channel for high vibrational beings and energies seeking to assist the planet in our collective global ascension. She has evolved her artwork to serve as a conduit for spirit, helping to heal all those who are drawn to the awakening path. Her work serves as a reminder that at our core, we are all perfect facets of God (source energy) embarking on this human experience, and we all have the ability to realize our unique gifts, heal the traumas of the past, and create a new earth together. She has created this new line of activating artwork to assist you in attracting Divine Love and Abundance so that you can shine your light into the world as the most free, abundant, connected, and happy version of yourself.  

"Dana’s art and paintings activate something inside of me that I can FEEL. Since buying her paintings I’ve felt more clarity, abundance and love within and every time I see her paintings in my house I feel that energy magnify. As a result I’ve experienced more synchronicity than ever before and that’s when I reached out to her to have her create amazing activating paintings for you. You’ll feel a difference from the moment you receive your painting and I can't wait to hear how they impact and activate your energy!"
- Aaron Doughty

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