Spiritually Activating

High Vibrational Artwork To

Elevate You Into Your Dream Life

Activate your senses with a guided meditation created by Aaron Doughty, paired with fine art prints channeled with intention by visionary artist Dana Wilcher. This visual / auditory experience is designed to awaken your spirit on a cellular level as you gaze at your artwork, absorb the activations of your guided meditation, and bathe in the higher frequencies of this powerful combined experience.


Embody Your Frame With Animal Guides: Print + Meditation

Our New Frame Technique Painting is here, and it's bringing you powerful animal activations. The concept for this painting was inspired by Aaron Doughty's Frame Technique process, with an additional twist; creators Aaron and Dana contemplated what it would mean to take the Frame Technique a step further, and call in animal activations as a way to assist you in embodying the archetypal energies of some of the most powerful animal guides on the planet, those which exist entirely in their own frame. The wolf represents courage, inner strength, and intuition. The bear holds the energy of independence, discernment, and gentle power. The Eagle is an animal of higher perspective, energetic sovereignty, and laser-focus. When you purchase this Print + Meditation Duo, you are welcoming these energies into both your home, and your healing process. This transformative auditory / visual experience is designed to help you anchor in your own power, independence, intuition, love, strength, inspiration, and inner peace. You will have lifetime access to a limited edition guided meditation created by Aaron that is found nowhere else, and a beautiful art print of the original painting made with love in Dana's art studio, to remind you of your healing every day.
Welcome to the Light Code Art family!


Divine Union Print & Meditation

If you have been calling in your ideal partner, then this guided meditation and channeled Light Code Art painting will help you to vibrationally align with the love of your life and manifest them into your reality. Through this artwork and meditation duo, you are guided to become an energetic match for the highest love that you deserve, and reach through the ethers to find your person. You will receive a guided meditation created by Aaron Doughty and Dana Wilcher to listen to while bathing in the energy of your art print, which will help you to become a vibrational match for soul mate love. When you bring this beautiful fine art print into your home and pair it with our powerful guided meditation, you are inviting in the frequencies of Divine Union and Soul Mate Connection. By having this fine art print in your space and connecting to the experience of the artwork and guided meditation as a daily ritual, you will activate your energy to attract the love of your life!


Mother Ayahuasca Print + Meditation

This guided meditation and painting duo is designed to help you form a deep connection with the Queen of the Jungle, Mother Ayahuasca. Her healing essence is here to assist you in navigating all areas of your life; reconnecting to your soul’s light, looking at yourself through eyes of unconditional love and compassion, and embarking on a lifelong journey of awakening and healing with her spirit. When you listen to our guided meditation experience, you are led through a shamanic journey to meet yourself and the medicine in a deep, safe container. Think of it as a plant medicine journey through art and meditation. Paired with our beautiful fine art print, you are inviting in the frequencies of divine guidance and protection, and you will have one of the most powerful plant allies on earth on your side! Whether you are experienced with Ayahuasca or have never worked with her before, this meditation and print duo is here to serve as a bridge for your relationship with the medicine. In having this piece of artwork in your space and connecting to the energy as a daily ritual, you will experience a profound shift in your consciousness as well as a deeper relationship with yourself, and the radiant and powerful Mother Ayahuasca!



A high quality replication of your chosen painting will be printed on museum-quality fine art matte paper, and each print is made with multicolor inkjet printing techniques, which yields beautifully detailed and colorful fine art prints that will brighten and activate any space they are in! Each print includes a thin white border around the image to give it a professional, matted appearance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We know you will enjoy these prints as much as we do or else we will send you back every penny you paid!

Get Ready
To Receive:

● A specialty guided meditation created by Aaron Doughty
● A beautiful fine art paper print available in two sizes
● A powerful visual / auditory experience that combines meditation with activating artwork
● A powerful reminder of your awakening journey to hang in your home, and lifetime access to the paired meditation
● Artwork created with love and intention, charged with healing light language symbols to activate your energy field

ABOUT THE meditations

Shift your energy, shift your life. Each of our guided meditations are created by Aaron Doughty with guest voice appearances by artist Dana Wilcher. Our meditations are crafted with love and intention to help you deepen your connection to yourself, learn to master your energy, and activate your highest potential. When you purchase this meditation/ artwork duo, you are inviting in a powerful experience that awakens your energy through sight, sound, and feeling. Welcome to the family!

About The Collaborators

Dana Wilcher is an intuitive visionary artist who specializes in paintings encrypted with light code activations, and is a channel for high vibrational beings and energies seeking to assist the planet in our collective global ascension. She has evolved her artwork to serve as a conduit for spirit, helping to heal all those who are drawn to the awakening path. She has created these paintings to bring inspiration, healing, and high frequency energies into your home. May you continue to bloom and step into your most vibrant, liberated Self! 

"Dana’s art and paintings activate something inside of me that I can FEEL. Since buying her paintings I’ve felt more clarity, abundance and love within and every time I see her paintings in my house I feel that energy magnify. As a result I’ve experienced more synchronicity than ever before and that’s when I reached out to her to have her create amazing activating paintings for you. You’ll feel a difference from the moment you receive your painting and I can't wait to hear how they impact and activate your energy!"
- Aaron Doughty

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